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Gloria Spielman

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Start Your Journey

Would it be worth risking 30 minutes of your time to learn something new? Just keep an open mind!

While working with your coach, you will learn about yourself.  You will also become aware of possibilities you may not have even considered before, or even known they existed.

The Journey of Discovery may point you toward business ownership. However, that is a big field and you need to know where do you begin. You start  by understanding your own set of criteria.

For example: Do you want a business or franchise where you work:

  • Fulltime?
  • Part-Time?
  • Or where you can keep your fulltime job and work on a semi- absentee basis in the business?

We will work together to find a business that fits your strengths, goals, and desired outcomes.

And, we coach you through all the ups and downs that this type of search and change brings to the surface. We work with you to clarify your goals and objectives, and together we create the strategy to help you achieve them.

Build a vision board – match your goals with your vision, 10 minutes today could lead to a better tomorrow. Click here to take an easy step-by-step interactive video & audio tour.